The magic of Amici: a practical guide and DVD
Janee Hall


Main Book Collection (book) & Counter Collection (DVD)
792.8087 HAL

A written practical guide about Amici Dance Theatre Company and their working methods with a foreword by Clement Crisp OBE, anecdotes from Wolfgang Stange and chapters including: The structure of an Amici session, Use of music, Use of props, words and visual images, From workshop to stage, Improvisation and the Amici “Magic”.

The DVD is a special film celebrating 30 years of Amici, narrated by Sir Ben Kingsley, it shows Amici’s amazing history of productions, compiling images from over 250 hours of rarely seen archive footage, including recent interviews with Wolfgang Stange. It also gives a unique insight into the methods that Amici employ in their creation processes and guidelines to workshop practices and works as an accompaniment to the written practical guide.