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The art of noise: destruction of music by Futurist machines
Francsco Balilla Pratella, et al


780.904 PRA
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The music and noise manifestos of the Italian Futurists formed a blueprint for sonic warfare waged against traditionalism, a radical new agenda played out with machines primed for maximal acoustic destruction and aimed at the negation of all existing value systems.


Introduction: Futurism and musical notes / Lombardi — Manifesto of futurist musicians / Francesco Balilla Pratella — Technical manifesto of futurist music / Pratella — The destruction of quadrature / Pratella — The art of noises / Luigi Russolo — The futurist noise machines / Russolo — Appendix: Sketch for a new aesthetic of sound art / Ferruccio Busoni — Appendix: Chromatic music / Bruno Corra — Appendix: The painting of sounds, noises and smells / Carlo Carra — A chronology of futurist music and noise