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New Photocopying & Print Facilities @ NSCD

From Monday 03 March 2014 a new copying & print system is being introduced

What does this mean for me?
Students will now need to print & copy using a new photocopier in the library, the counter printer will be removed on Monday 03 March 2014

To help save the planet the photocopier is set to print/copy in B&W, double sided & A4 by default.

However, the default settings can be changed allowing you to print: In colour; Single sided; A3; etc

What do I need to do?
From Monday 03 March you will need to pop down to the library with your student ID card and Sam or Jim will set you up on the new photocopier

The first time you print or copy something using the new system Sam or Jim can show you how to retrieve your copies/prints

What will prints/copies cost?
Less than you are paying now!

B&W (single sided A4/A3) copies = 1p
Colour (single sided A4/A3) copies = 5p

What happens to the free prints/copies I used to get?
These have been replaced with a free credit on your account

All students will receive a 50 unit credit (50p) on Monday 03 March 2014

You can use this credit however you like…

What happens when my credit runs out?
Once your free credit has been used up you will need to pay for copies/prints by topping up your account

Simply go to the library counter:

Give the library staff your money & your account will be topped up
you’ll be issued with a unique voucher to top your account up via the software on your student desktop

What happens to unused credits at the end of the year?
Any unused credits on your account will be cleared & a new free credit will be added to your account at the start of the next academic year

What happens if I don’t have my Student ID card with me?
You can log onto the Photocopier with your computer login to access your prints, Sam or Jim can show you how to do this…

If you need any help during the system change over please see Sam or Jim in the Library