Going live!

New AV Kit Reservation System

From 9.00am on Monday 2 June 2014 the library will be testing a new reservations system for AV Kits e.g. cameras & sound recorders.

This means that we need to make some changes to the times AV Kits can be issued & returned at the library counter.

We appreciate that these changes may cause some difficulties as we all get used to the new system & that sometimes things may not run smoothly.  We ask you to bear with us during this test period, which will help us improve the availability of kits for everyone.

In order for the new system to work it is important that all borrowers return kits to the library by their due date.

What impact will the new system have on me?
You will now be able to reserve a kit for use on a particular date

You will now be able to borrow, collect & reserve kits at the library counter
between 9.00-17.00, Monday to Friday (when Sam or Jim are on duty)

When can I return a kit?
Kits can be returned during normal library opening hours
(daytime, evenings & Saturdays)

Can I still borrow a kit if I don’t have a reservation?
Yes! You can still come to the library counter between 9.00-17.00, Monday to Friday
& ask to borrow any available kits

When & how do I place a reservation?
You can place a reservation between 9.00-17.00, Monday to Friday via Sam or Jim.
Just come to the counter, ask to place a reservation & we’ll do the rest…

How far in advance can I book a kit?
You can reserve a kit up to two weeks in advance
e.g. you can place a reservation this Monday for the following Monday
or the Monday after & anywhere in between

How soon can I book a kit?
48 hrs from the time you come to place the reservation
e.g. if you came on a Monday to place a reservation the first date available to you to reserve a kit would be on the Wednesday

Why can’t I book a kit for use in the next 48 hrs?
In order to put the new system in place, ensure it works smoothly & is fair to all we’ve had to insert a reservation buffer period. This buffer allows us to manage reserved kits promptly & increase the likelihood a kit will be ready for collection for the next reserver

How many reservations can I place at one time?
You can only place one reservation at a time

How will I know my reservation is ready for collection?
You will receive an email to confirm your kit is ready to collect from the library,
so keep an eye on your student email account

You can also come to the library counter to see if a kit is ready for collection

When can I collect a kit?
You can only collect reserved kits between 9.00-17.00, Monday to Friday

Why can’t I collect, borrow or reserve a kit in the evening or on Saturday?
In order for the reservation system to work smoothly kits need to be issued & reserved by Sam or Jim on the library system.  This unfortunately means you can’t collect a kit in the evening or on a Saturday even though we are open.

What if I’ve reserved a kit for use on a Saturday?
You’ll need to collect the reserved kit before the library closes on Friday e.g. by 17.00

Will I still be able to borrow a kit overnight?
Yes the loan period for kits remains unchanged e.g. if you borrow a kit on a Monday, it will need to be returned to the library before the library closes on the Tuesday e.g. normally 20.00

What if I no longer need a kit that I’ve reserved?
Please let Sam or Jim know you’d like to cancel the reservation ASAP, so we can make the kit available to another borrower. Pop down & let us know or email library@nscd.ac.uk.

Why is my reservation not available?
If the previous borrower has failed to return the kit on time, your reservation will not be available on the date specified.

What happens if my reserved kit hasn’t been returned by the previous borrower?
The existing borrower of the kit will be contacted & asked to return the outstanding kit ASAP & will be fined for late return.

We will endeavour to fill your reservation with an alternative kit where possible.

If an alternative cannot be provided we will email you once the outstanding kit is returned & is ready for collection.

Unfortunately in some circumstances another borrower’s failure to return a kit on time will result in your reservation NOT being satisfied.

What happens if I don’t pick up my reservation?
If you fail to pick up a reserved kit by 17.00 on the date the reservation starts, the kit will be made available for loan to other borrowers the following morning

What happens if I don’t return my AV Kit on time?
If you fail to return a kit you have on loan by the due date another borrower’s reservation may be effected. We ask you to respect your fellow borrowers & return kits promptly.

If you’d like to place a reservation or have any questions please pop down to the library to see Sam or Jim