Invisible things
David Harradine

709.04 HAR
Main Book Collection

Invisible Things is a book about devising new work for performance. Taking the research, development and performance of Fevered Sleep’s An Infinite Line: Brighton as its focus, Invisible Things is structured as a series of themed chapters intercut with case studies of key elements of the creative process. The chapters explore areas such as collaboration, dramaturgy, working with animals, developing conceptual frameworks and design. The case studies cover things such as light, sound, structure, organising rehearsals, and jobs/roles within a company. Through a combination of text, photographs, drawings, extracts from artist’s notebooks, critical commentary and dialogue, Invisible Things offers a rare insight into each stage of a creative journey, revealing all the complexities of a devising process from the point of view of the people at its heart.Invisible Things is also an experiment in how to document and remember a live event in another form: how to turn an ephemeral performance into a book.