Digital Theatre Plus

The libraries of the Conservatoire for Dance & Drama (CDD) have purchased a subscription to the online resource Digital Theatre Plus for all students & staff.

What is Digital Theatre Plus?

Digital Theatre Plus is an online platform containing unique films of leading British theatre productions for schools, colleges and universities, allowing students to experience and learn about theatre online.

How do I access Digital theatre Plus via NSCD computers?

All students & staff at NSCD can access the resource from any networked computer e.g. library computers &  staff machines simply by going to the website @

You will automatically be logged onto the platform, with full access to content.

We will also be adding an icon to the student desktops on library computers for quick access.

How do I access Digital Theatre Plus during the trial from home or off site?

All students & staff can access the resource from their smart phone, laptop, tablet or home computer. Simply:

  1. Go to
  2. Select the ‘Login’ option on the top menu bar
  3. Enter the username & password (you can get this information from Sam or Jim at the library counter)
  4. Use the resource


If you have any questions about Digital Theatre Plus or experience issues accessing the resource please pop down to the library & speak to Sam or Jade.