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Performance Research
Volume 20 No.1, February 2015
On Poetics and Performance

On Poetics and Performance concerns itself with ‘poiesis’, or acts of making and giving form to the interplay of material and immaterial content: a poetics of dance and choreography, of theatre and performance art, of writing and poetry, of architecture and painting. More than simply a method of classification and categorization, poetics thus looks towards and draws on a wide range of resources, intuitions and techniques, and produces a kind of double-helix that interweaves the conventional and methodological with the radical and experimental. It positions poetics and poiesis in relation to the contexts and discourses of contemporary culture, in relation to expanded and open concepts of a poetics of performance and performance-making and in relation to an expanded view of what ‘poetics’ might mean now as a generative, productive or even possibly redundant term.

Source: http://www.performance-research.org/current-issue.php, 27/02/15