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On not knowing: how artists think
by Elizabeth Fisher & Rebecca Fortnum


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“On Not Knowing brings together contemporary artists and thinkers from a range of disciplines to explore the role of ‘not knowing’ within the creative process. The state of ‘not knowing’ or engaging with the unknown is an important aspect in the making process, with artists often balancing a strong sense of direction with a more playful or meditative state of exploration and experimentation.”

How far does our openness to aesthetic experience, and new forms of knowledge, depend on our capacity to enter and indulge states of wonder and awe, doubt and failure, ignorance and play? How critical are these conditions to the creative process? How do artists invite the unknown into their creative practice?

“When we talk about not knowing, we often mean not being able to recognise or identify something, not being able to bring concepts to bear to determine an object or goal. But in the absence of knowing what something is or where we are going, we draw on many other kinds of knowledge to open paths forward: practical knowledge, in the Kantian sense of knowing what to do, our moral sensitivity and judgement; bodily knowledge born of habit and acculturation; as well as what Plato calls techne, the craft and skill involved in making. […] Letting go of conceptual knowledge can be the condition for renewing the activity of thought, as well as for bringing other kinds of knowledge into play.” Dr Rachel Jones.

Bringing together theoretical discussion and examples of contemporary artistic practice, this book explores how artists formulate strategies of not knowing and ‘play’ within their decision making process and how such approaches might inform and enrich our encounters with art. This book is an important contribution to debates around the creative process and puts the artist’s voice at the heart of these discussions.

Source: http://blackdogonline.com/all-books/on-not-knowing.html, 23/4/15