Education, Education, Education

The new issue of Research in Dance Education, Volume 16, Issue 2, July 2015 is now available online & in print from NSCD Library.

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This new issue contains the following articles (if you’re on an NSCD computer simply select the links to access articles in full on the Taylor & Francis website):

Angela Pickard
Pages: 97-98

NYU dance education study abroad program to Uganda: impact on work experiences of study abroad alumni in New York City
Alfdaniels Mabingo
Pages: 99-113

What would Liz and Larry say? Performing critical approaches to choreographic mentorship in American higher education
Ali Duffy
Pages: 114-127

Single or multiple? Looking at location in movement notation
Tara Munjee
Pages: 128-141

Whole ballet education: exploring direct and indirect teaching methods
Euichang Choi & Na-ye Kim
Pages: 142-160

Dancing earthquake science assists recovery from the Christchurch earthquakes
Candice J. Egan & Mark C. Quigley
Pages: 161-183

The gaze or the groove? Emerging themes from the New Meanings and Pathways: Community Dance and Dance Education Symposium in Beijing
Nicholas Rowe, Ralph Buck & Rosemary Martin
Pages: 184-197