NSCD Media Archive #25

The BPA1 Body & Mind Learning Presentations from Wednesday 20 May 2015 are now available to view on the NSCD Media Archive.

NSCD Media Archive screen shot

BPA1 Body & Mind Learning Presentations, Wednesday 20 May 2015 [online]
Students / BPA1 2014/15
Module Code / BP1BM
Electronic data (1 file, 3.68Gb)
Leeds, NSCD, 2015
View here

Presentations included on the footage:
Group 1 l Tai Chi
Group 2 l The Skeletal System
Group 3 l Ideokinesis
Group 4 l Dance and Visualisation
Group 5 l Kinetic Awareness
Group 6 l Reflexology
Group 7 l Ashtanga Yoga
Group 8 l Irmgard Bartenieff
Group 9 l Feldenkrais
Group 10 l Body-Mind Centering
Group 11 l Restorative Yoga
Group 12 l Ideokinesis

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