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Some new titles added to the library collections today:

Contemporary Indian Dance: new creative choreography in India & the diaspora
Ketu H. Katrak

792.80954 KAT
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Contemporary Indian Dance delineates a new language of dance – multi-layered and multi-vocal – in India and the diaspora. This language unfolds at the intersection of classical Indian dance forms with yoga, pan-Asian dance and martial arts traditions as well as modern and postmodern dance, and theatrical tools that result in hybrid dance creations. Cutting-edge themes – ethnicity, gender and sexuality – are inspired by artists’ geographical locations in the global North or South.

This study is grounded historically (the revival of Indian dance in early 20th century), and examines today’s phenomena of globalization and diaspora that impact artists in India and worldwide. It includes creative choreography (with over 30 images) from selected artists and pioneers that has impact and reverberates in ‘an ancestry of gesture’ in the work of emerging choreographers. An interdisciplinary and comparative approach makes visible inter-connections among artists in sites as distant and disparate as Toronto to Chennai, and London to Los Angeles.

Source: http://www.palgrave.com/page/detail/Contemporary-Indian-Dance/?K=9780230278554, 16/6/15

Akram Khan: dancing new interculturalism
Royona Mitra

792.82092 KHA MIT
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Akram Khan: Dancing New Interculturalism analyses the relationship between this seminal British-Asian choreographer’s complex identity-positions and his art through the lens of ‘new interculturalism’. Through seven key case studies from Khan’s oeuvre, this book demonstrates how Khan’s philosophy and aesthetic of ‘new interculturalism’ is a challenge to the 1980s predominantly western ‘intercultural theatre’ project, as a more nuanced and embodied approach to representing Othernesses, from his own position of the Other. Additionally, the book challenges popular perception of Khan’s art as contemporary South Asian dance by suggesting that, instead, Khan uses South Asian dramaturgical principles to transform the western contemporary dance landscape in intercultural ways. Offering the first full-length investigation of Akram Khan’s work, this book is essential reading for students, researchers, practitioners and fans of Khan’s work.

Source: http://www.palgrave.com/page/detail/akram-khan-royona-mitra/?K=9781137393654, 16/6/15

Preparing to teach in secondary schools: a student teacher’s guide to professional issues in secondary education
Val Brooks, Ian Abbott & Prue Huddleston (ed)

Preparing to Teach in Secondary Schools: A student teacher's guide to professional issues in secondary education

373.1102 PRE
Main Book Collection

This informative, accessible and intellectually engaging text provides a definitive guide for trainee and newly qualified secondary school teachers. The book covers a range of core professional skills and concepts that new teachers need to acquire, irrespective of their subject specialism or training route.

Updated to reflect the many changes taking place in policy and practice, the latest edition covers core topics such as how pupils learn, planning and positive approaches to supporting pupil behaviour. New chapters deal with raising attainment, safeguarding and child protection. Key features of the text are designed to encourage reader engagement with the text and include:

  • Examples and illustrations drawn from real practice
  • Details of current research, fresh thinking and initiatives
  • End of chapter objectives
  • Reference to web-based information and resources
  • Activities, case studies and scenarios

Preparing to Teach in Secondary Schools, third edition is essential reading for all students preparing to become secondary school teachers.

Contributors: Liz Bills, Fay Baldry, Cheryl Cane, Paul Elliott, Judith Everington, John Gordon, Chris Hallett, Mick Hammond, Terry Haydn, Sean Hayes, Sandra Howard, Prue Huddleston, Chris Husbands, Jenni Ingram, Alison Kitson, Daniel Muijs, Faith Muir, Lynn Reynolds, Kate Shilvock, Jan Warner, Nick Zafar

Source: http://www.mheducation.co.uk/9780335246328-emea-preparing-to-teach-in-secondary-schools-a-student-teachers-guide-to-professional-issues-in-secondary-education, 16/6/15