The new issue of JAWS : Journal of Arts Writing by Students is now available in the library.

This issue includes the following articles:

Guest Editorial / Joseph Heathcott (p.125)

Is the non-representational significant? / Robert Gadie (p.135)

The need for space in art practice / Ruth Solomons (p.141)

Exploded diagrams and faulty parts / James Charlton (p.149)

Framing the City / Camilla Brueton (p.157)

Beyond deconstruction: Desire in postmodern American appropriation art / Sofia Vranou (p.165)

Storeyed: Balfron Tower/Rowlett Street Archives? / James Lander (p.175)

Factory of the self / Jed Hilton (p.181)

Memory and Place: Sketchbook reflection / Matt Black (p.189)

Review / Julius Puolakanaho (p.197)