Retrospective by Xavier Le Roy
Bonjana Cvejic

792.842 RET LER
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Publishers blurb: “…What did “Retrospective” by Xavier Le Roy do to and for choreography, the medium of exhibition, contemporary art, the spectatorial gaze, social and public space…?

This book opens up a series of conversations, guided interviews, scorelike reports, and essays about this work. Sundry voices of artists, dramaturges, performers, curators, critics, art historians, philosophers, and others reflect on the scope and variety of questions and positions triggered within and through “Retrospective”…”

The Art of Light on Stage : lighting in contemporary theatre
Yaron Abulafia

792.025 ABU
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Publisher’s blurb: “…The Art of Light on Stage is the first history of theatre lighting design to bring the story right up to date. In this extraordinary volume, award-winning designer Yaron Abulafia explores the poetics of light, charting the evolution of lighting design against the background of contemporary performance. The book looks at the material and the conceptual; the technological and the transcendental. Never before has theatre design been so vividly and excitingly illuminated…”

Representations of Working in Arts Education : stories of learning & teaching
Narelle Lemon, Susanne Garvis & Christopher Klopper

700.71 LEM
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Publisher’s blurb: “…Arts education provides students with opportunities to build knowledge and skills in self-expression, imagination, creative and collaborative problem solving, and creation of shared meanings. Engagement in arts education has also been said to positively affect overall academic achievement and development of empathy towards others. This book provides key insights from stakeholders across the teaching and learning spectrum and offers examples of pedagogical practice to those interested in facilitating arts education…”