DV8 Media Portal

DV8 may be on hold but NSCD students & staff can still access the DV8 Media Portal.

If you’d like a log in account please email the Librarian & she’ll set up an account for you.

We have 50 accounts so please only request one if you really need access e.g. audition prep, academic research, etc. Once you’ve finished with your account please let the Librarian know & she’ll void your log in & re-assign it to the next student/staff member in line!

What can you see on the portal?

You can access resources and never seen before video excerpts of To Be Straight With You and Can We Talk About This?, by Lloyd Newson and DV8 Physical Theatre.

Access to the portal also allows you to watch full performance recordings of To Be Straight With You, Can We Talk About This? and the company’s most recent production, JOHN.

All three productions carry an age recommendation of 16+ due to strong language and sexual references.

DV8 Media Portal

Source: https://www.dv8.co.uk/media-portal/explore-our-videos