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We’ve just added 3 copies of the new Gaga book to the library collections.


Embodied philosophy in dance : Gag & Ohad Naharin’s movement research
Einav Katan

792.801 KAT
Main Book Collection

Representing the first comprehensive analysis of Gaga and Ohad Naharin’s aesthetic approach, this book following the sensual and mental emphases of the movement research practiced by dancers of the Batsheva Dance Company. Considering the body as a means of expression, Embodied Philosophy in Dance deciphers forms of meaning in dance as a medium for perception and realization within the body. In doing so, the book addresses embodied philosophies of mind, hermeneutics, pragmatism, and social theories in order to illuminate the perceptual experience of dancing. It also reveals the interconnections between physical and mental processes of reasoning and explores the nature of physical intelligence.

Contents include:

Dance as Embodied Philosophy — Habitus, Embodied Knowledge, and Physical Intelligence — Embodied Reflections — “Float!” — Enacting Perception — Extending Perception — Dancing Metaphors — The Phenomenological Method of Gaga — “Connect Effort into Pleasure!” — The Challenge of a Perceptual Gap between Body and Mind — The Involvement of Psychology and Physicality — Comprehending Emotions and Directing a Mood — Intentionality and the Aesthetic Will — Multitasking Inquiries — Decision Making — The Intelligible Form — Rhythm: Synchronization of Body and Mind — The Physical Practice of Intelligence — The Dancing Body as a Means of Expression — Understanding Expressions — Moving Forms of Dance

Source: Palgrave (14/11/16)

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