Celebrating Chapeltown

We’ve added a new book to the library collections… a photographic celebration of Chapeltown & its residents… including members of the NSCD community… why not pop down & take a peek?

Chapeltown Road

In March/April 2015 local photographer Jonathan Turner exhibited his ‘Street Studio’ photographs in Leeds. Images from the exhibition have been published in a book which you can now access in the NSCD Library… you’ll find it at 770 TUR in the Main Book Collection or in its temporary home on the new book display

Jonathan Turner’s photographs capture the subtle layers of individuality in his many subjects, who themselves represent the vast range of cultures in the Chapeltown area of Leeds.

Interviewed exclusively for the NSCD Library Blog, Jonathan commented:

…The project was conceived as a kind of celebratory survey of community in the area of Chapeltown. The idea that multiple communities can, and do, co-exist within one geographical community, is at the heart of the project, and at a time where there is so much negativity around ideas of Britishness & immigration I felt, and still feel that this is something that needs to be championed...”

013Jonathan Turner_Street Studio

Northern School of Contemporary Dance

012Jonathan Turner_Street Studio

Roscoe Methodist Church

006Jonathan Turner_Street Studio

Sikh Temple

014Jonathan Turner_Street Studio

Northern School of Contemporary Dance

According to Leeds City Council data around 70 different languages are spoken in Chapeltown… a testament to a vibrant multiculture: multiple communities happily coexisting alongside one another” Garry Hunter, Creative Director, Fitzrovia Noir Community Interest Company

Thank you to Jonathan for providing the images used in this blog post, you can find out more about Jonathan & his work here.