Oxford English Dictionary Online

The libraries of the Conservatoire for Dance & Drama (CDD) have arranged a free trial of the Oxford English Dictionary Online for all students and staff. The trial is now live and will run until Friday 01 April 2016.

The trial provides access to the most authoritative and comprehensive record of the English language in the world, tracing the evolution and use of words. The Oxford English Dictionary Online gives you not only the latest content of the full Oxford English Dictionary, but also the Historical Thesaurus of the Oxford English Dictionary, providing more depth and breadth.

On Site Access Information:

To begin using the Oxford English Dictionary Online, visit www.oed.com.

Users accessing the site via networked computers at the 8 schools & the CDD central office will be automatically authenticated via IP address… providing full access to the resource without the need for passwords or usernames.

Off Site Access Information

 You can access the resource off-site from any internet ready computer/tablet/phone, using an OpenAthens username and password (available to anyone who has an OpenAthens account):

Go to  www.oed.com/loginpage click on the “Athens/access Management Federation Login” link, located below the log in boxes.  Select Conservatoire for Dance & Drama from the drop down list & you’ll be taken to an OpenAthens log on screen and will need to enter your OpenAthens credentials (username & password).

Instructions on setting up an OpenAthens account can be found in the NSCD Library Guide. If you are a member of staff and need an OpenAthens account please email the Librarian to request an account.

Any feedback on the resource would be very helpful, so please email your thoughts to the Librarian with the subject line: OED feedback.

Getting started with the Oxford English Dictionary


Digital Theatre Plus

The libraries of the Conservatoire for Dance & Drama (CDD) have arranged a trial of the online resource Digital Theatre Plus for all students & staff. The trial will take place during June 2014:

What is Digital Theatre Plus?

Digital Theatre Plus is an online platform containing unique films of leading British theatre productions for schools, colleges and universities, allowing students to experience and learn about theatre online.

What is a trial?

A trial is a fixed period of access to a resource, allowing you to use it for research during the trial period.  It also allows you to test the platform & let library staff know if it might be useful for students & staff at NSCD. If we get good feedback from across CDD we may decide to purchase the resource for student & staff use.

When can I access Digital Theatre Plus via the trial?

This trial will run from Sunday 01 June to Monday 30 June 2014

How do I access Digital theatre Plus during the trial via NSCD computers?

All students & staff at NSCD can access the resource from any networked computer e.g. library computers &  staff machines simply by going to the website @ https://www.digitaltheatreplus.com/

You will automatically be logged onto the platform, with full access to trial content.

How do I access Digital Theatre Plus during the trial from home or off site?

All students & staff can access the resource from their smart phone, laptop, tablet or home computer. Simply:

  1. Go to  https://www.digitaltheatreplus.com/
  2. Select the ‘Login’ option on the top menu bar
  3. Enter the username & password (you can get this information from Sam or Jim at the library counter)
  4. Use the resource


If you have any questions about the trial or experience issues accessing the resource please pop down to the library & speak to Sam or Jim.

Trial by video

Dance in Video I & II and Theatre in Video


The libraries of CDD have arranged a one month trial of three dance & theatre video databases for students & staff across the Conservatoire to try out…

You can access the 3 databases from any NSCD computer by clicking on the links below:

Dance in Video I         http://search.alexanderstreet.com/daiv

Dance in Video II         http://search.alexanderstreet.com/dav2

Dance in Theatre        http://search.alexanderstreet.com/ativ

The trial runs from 22 February until 22 March 2014

N.B. You must be on site & logged onto an NSCD computer to obtain access

More information…

Dance in Video: Volume I is a video collection for the study of 20th Century concert dance, featuring influential performers and companies together with dozens of documentaries, interviews, and dance instruction videos—comprising 500 hours of content.

Dance in Video: Volume II accommodates the needs of today’s dance students by pairing recorded performances from world renowned dance companies with instructional videos from acclaimed teachers. The second volume expands upon the foundation built in Volume I, and showcases a new catalogue of dancers and partners including the Joffrey Ballet, John Jasperse Company, Cloud Gate Dance Theatre, Bavarian State Ballet, Royal Ballet of Cambodia, Kirov Ballet, and Compañía Nacional de Danza. Students seeking to fine-tune specific techniques can explore instructional materials from the George Balanchine Foundation covering basic and advanced ballet techniques, including jumps, turns, pirouettes, barre work, pointe technique, and more.

Theatre in Video contains hundreds of the world’s most important plays and video documentaries online in streaming video. For the first time, students, instructors, and researchers can bookmark specific scenes, monologues, and staging examples and then include those online links in their papers and course reserves. Class assignments and published papers will take on a whole new dimension.

Technical theatre arts training

Mapping technical theatre arts training
Anna Farthing

Main Book Collection
792.025 FAR

Written by Anna Farthing this report documents a small-scale research project that was proposed to the HEA by the author and colleagues at the CCD. The research was undertaken between March and June 2012. The project was inspired by an internal curriculum review of Technical Theatre Arts (TTA) that was being led by Neil Fraser, Director of Technical Training at RADA.