A number of electronic books (also known as ebooks) have been purchased for your use by the libraries at NSCD, NCCA (formerly Circus Space) and LCDS. You can access these via OpenAthens – simply log in at MyAthens, select the Dawsonera resource & browse the ebooks on offer or log on with your OpenAthens username/password via the Dawsonera platform.



If you are on site (using an NSCD computer) you can view the ebooks directly by clicking on the links below (if you are prompted for a log in, select the ‘OpenAthens login’ option & enter your OpenAthens username & password) :

Bremser, M. (1999) Fifty contemporary choreographers, Routledge

Briginshaw, V. A. (2001) Dance, space and subjectivity, Palgrave

Burrows, J. (ndg) A choreographer’s handbook, Routledge

Burt, R. (2006) Judson Dance Theater, Routledge

Carter, A. (ndg) The Routledge dance studies reader (2nd ed.), Routledge

Copeland, R. (2004) Merce Cunningham, Routledge

Dodds, S. (ndg) Dance on screen, Palgrave

Hackney, P. (1999) Making connections, Routledge

Haas, J. G. (2010) Dance anatomy, Human Kinetics

Lansley, J. & Early, F. (2011) The wise body : conversations with experienced dancers, Intellect Books

McFee, G. (1992) Understanding dance, Routledge