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Powered by BalletBoyzMoovBank is the home of a range of digital teaching materials for PE, dance and drama teachers. NSCD students & staff now have access to the resource.

Filmed in their Kingston studio with BalletBoyz Company dancers, lessons are based on contact work, creativity and choreography designed to develop students’ physical health, build trust, problem solve and enhance creativity.

The bank features schemes of work for students aged 7-19, lesson plans, tutorials with the dancers, BalletBoyz stage productions, interviews with choreographers, live streamed events from the studio, documentaries and films.

To access the resource please speak to the Librarian, who will issue you with the access details.

Body & Earth : seven web based somatic excursions

This project was created by Andrea Olsen and Caryn McHose with dance & digital media artist Scotty Hardwig & collaborating performers & videographers. The films are for individual & educational use, tools for teaching movement awareness and environmental practice, these films can be used individually part by part or linked for an hour-long practice & provide web-based resources to accompany the authors’ quartet of books:

The Place of Dance: A Somatic Guide to Dancing and Dance Making. Wesleyan University Press (Olsen and McHose, 2014)

How Life Moves: Explorations in Meaning and Body Awareness. North Atlantic Press (McHose and Frank, 2006)

Body and Earth: An Experiential Guide. UPNE (Olsen, 2002)

Bodystories: A Guide to Experiential AnatomyStation Hill Press/UPNE (Olsen, 1991/2004)

All four books are held in the NSCD Library collections.